Comcast Will Offer Unlimited and Usage-Based Mobile Plans

Though Comcast expects the new Xfinity Mobile service will be profitable, the biggest value is viewed as retention of customers, with the bundling of the triple play now becoming a quadruple play.

Xfinity Mobile customers will have two main pricing choice, an unlimited data plan or a usage-based plan.

The unlimited price will either be $45 or $65 per month per line up to five lines, with the lower monthly price reserved for customers on Comcast’s “best” X1 video packages.

The usage-based plan costs $12 per gigabyte of mobile data across all lines on an account, cased on actual usage.

Comcast’s prices arguably are quite competitive with prices charged by the largest U.S. mobile providers. Project Fi data costs $10 a gigabyte.

Xfinity’s unlimited plan costs $45 to $65 per line.

At launch, Xfinity Mobile is expected to support Apple iPhones, as well as Samsung or LG Android devices.
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