Who Uses Mobile Over the Top Apps, and Why?

About 11 percent of smar tphone owners use mobile VoIP applications regularly, compared with only 5% of mobile users as a whole, according to Analysys Mason Group

About 29 percent of smartphone owners use over the top messaging, compared with 17 percent for all mobile users. So the issue is why there is a difference and what it might mean for service provider efforts to compete with their own OTT apps, or sustain their own bundled offerings. 

The adoption of mobile OTT services may indicate that some users are willing to sacrifice certain features, such as extensive customer care capabilities, in favor of others, such as group chat messaging, Analysys Mason says. 

By focusing on features that are valued by particular users, OTT service providers can apply an alternative business model, often at no additional cost to the user. To compete, service providers must identify market segments and then create services that appeal to those specific segments, Analysys Mason suggests. 

Figure 1: Usage of over-the-top services [Source: Analysys Mason's Connected Consumer Survey 2012]
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